Why is homosexuality a sin?
Before we can answer that question, we should probably understand the definition of sin, and the consequences of sin. Sin is defined as "an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law."  The consequences of disobeying God's divine law is eternal separation from him. For clarification, read the teaching titled: Opening the door to sin. When God created the earth, and human beings he also created spiritual and natural laws, For example, gravity is a natural law on earth.

God created:
  • Mankind to be in his (spiritual) image - Genesis 1:27
  • Mankind be a human being (spirit, soul, and body) - Genesis 2:23
  • Mankind to have a gender chosen by God: male or female(only 2 genders) - Genesis 1:27
  • Female for male. Not male for male and female for female - Genesis 2:18-24
  • Adam and Eve as equals, Adam didn't rule of Eve until sin entered the world - Genesis 3:16
  • Mankind to rule over everything except for one another - Genesis 1:26
  • Mankind to have free will. We can accept God's creation and have a relationship with him or change who God created us to be (sin) and be separated from God - Genesis 3:2
Homosexuality is a sin because it goes against the natural and spiritual laws created by God. God allows us to choose to be who he has created us to be, or to be who we want to be. Free will allows us to either be what God created and called us to be, or we can live our life and be what we want to be. Note: All of our choices have spiritual and physical consequences.

But I feel attracted to the same sex. I was born homosexual! How can anyone tell me otherwise?
It's unbiblical to say that God created anyone to be homosexual. As I mentioned there are spiritual and natural laws set in place by God that he would not change for anyone. However, it is biblically possible that there are people born into this world who are homosexual, although they were not created to be homosexual and or cannot be born again to be homosexual. For clarification, I believe that the demonic spirit of homosexuality can oppress and bind babies from birth, and the gateway to this demonic oppression, possession, and or bondage of a little child is the covenant (agreement) that the parents have. For clarity, read the teaching: Why does God hate divorce. This is why Jesus tells us in the gospel that being born-again is a necessity to enter into the Kingdom of God (read John 3:1-5 for context). When a sinner is born-again:
  • They are not longer considered sinners because although they may sin, they choose not to live in sin with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thus, they become saints! - 1 John 3:5-7
  • They get a new spirit (not a new soul, and not a new body) - Ezekiel 36:26
  • They now have the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) living inside of them to help them -John 14:15-27
  • Are now children of God. - Romans 8:14-17
  • But they still have free will, but with the Holy Spirit helping them, it's easier for them to reject sin and choose God's will and purpose. - Galatians 5
God created all of us, however there is a difference between creation and birth. Adam and Eve birthed mankind and sin expanded from generation to generation. The sin of Adam and Eve allowed sin to enter the world. Satan (God's enemy) was kicked out of heaven and thrusted to the earth as punishment for trying to replace God. For clarification, read the teaching post titled: Genesis Chapter 1-4.  Satan established his kingdom on earth called the kingdom of darkness, and his goal is to encourage mankind to choose to be what they want to be, for their own purpose instead of choosing God's will and God's purposes.

To clearly answer your question. We can tell you otherwise, but it's up to you to reject your feelings (feelings are fleeting, they change so frequently) in order to hear and believe the truth. God did not create mankind to be homosexual. The sin of Adam & Eve birthed more sin in the world, and thus homosexual spirits are able to oppress and bind babies from birth, if the parents are in covenant (a spiritual agreement) with Satan as opposed to being in covenant with God. Anyone who is not in covenant (a spiritual agreement) with God, by default are in covenant(a spiritual agreement) with satan, whether they are aware of it or not.

Can a Christian be homosexual?
A Christian by tradition instead of having a relationship with Jesus Christ can be gay. In Christianity, the term for that is religion. However, a born-again believer cannot be homosexual. However, it doesn't mean that once a born-again believer is born-again that the spirit of homosexuality will never try to attack that person again. As I mentioned before when a person is born-again they still have free will, but with the Holy Spirit helping them, it's easier for them to reject sin and choose God's will and purpose.

Why should I believe in a God who rejects my feelings?

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