Understanding the Book of Matthew | Chaptes 3-7

Understanding the Book of Matthew | Chaptes 3-7

Matthew 3
In Matthew 3, Jesus is baptized with the Holy Spirit and filled with the Holy Spirit. He is tested by God and tempted by satan after the Holy Spirit led him to the wilderness. Jesus had to overcome the temptation of worldliness.

Matthew 4
When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, he used the word of God to overcome the enemy's temptation. So, what should you do when you are tempted? Find a scripture in the bible that you can use, anytime the devil is tempting you with what you're being tempted with.

Jesus begins to preach and he calls his first disciples. The first sermon that Jesus teaches his disciples is how to overcome opposition. Which is exactly what he did to overcome.

Matthew 5-7
In Matthew 7:1-24, Jesus tells us that the foundation of our house [house = body] should be built on what he spoke about in Matthew chapters 5-7. Jesus said, if we choose to hear his words and put them into practice we will be able to withstand opposition.

Please note, Jesus's sermon on the mountain was taught in one setting. The fact that the books of the bible have chapters can mislead people,  if they separate scriptures that belong together.

What did Jesus teach us with his sermon on the mountain?

Matthew 5:1-12 Tells us how to be blessed in this age, and the next
1. Be humble in your spirit
2. Mourn [when you mourn, you will be comforted because your sins will be forgiven]
3. Be meek [meek doesn't mean weak, it means being obedient, submissive and humble to God]
4. Hunger & thirst for righteousness
5. Be merciful
6. Be pure in heart
7. Be a peacemaker
8. Rejoice when you are being persecuted because of Christ.

Matthew 5:13-16 Tells us who we are in Christ and what to do with it!
1. You are salt
2. You are light of the world
3. Let your light shine before men, so they can praise God

Matthew 5:17-20 Tells us what Jesus came to do
1. Jesus came to fulfill the law
2. By accomplishing what Jesus came to accomplish, the law disappeared [after Jesus's resurrection, the commandments of love and covenant of grace became our new law]
3. Self Righteousness [works] doesn't make you righteous before God, grace and faith does!

Matthew 5:21-48 Tells us these things fulfill the Law and Prophets
1. Do not murder [murder is a spiritual act, as much as it is a physical act]
2. Do not hold forgiveness [if you are not receiving blessings from God, it could be because you are walking in unforgiveness, which is a spiritual stronghold]
3.  Do not commit adultery [adultery comes from the heart, it is a spiritual matter]
4. Do not break your oaths
5. Do not swear [watch your words]
6. Do not hate anyone [do good to people, even when they do bad to you]
7. Love everyone[even those who don't love you]

Matthew 6 - Tells us how God provides for us
1. Give to those in need
2. Pray by believing, don't ask God for something that is already yours. [Please note: This prayer was before Jesus fulfilled the law. So when we pray we should follow the same principle of this prayer but not the same exact prayer]
3. Forgiveness - [Please note: this prayer was before Jesus fulfilled the law. So when we pray we should follow the same principle of this prayer but not the same exact prayer. Since, we are now under the covenant of grace we are forgiven because of Jesus Christ. Since, we are under grace, we love our neighbor because we love God and not because we fear hell. The difference between forgiveness under these two covenants is that one requires our self-effort and sacrifice and the other requires our commitment and Jesus's grace].
4. Fasting - when you fast don't do it to get praise from man
5. Only serve God [you can't serve money and God] - Being a believer is not a get rich scheme
6. Do not worry about life - God knows what your needs are. Your needs will be provided for, without asking if you seek God first

Matthew 7 - How to grow spiritually [not doing these, can block your piritual development]
1. Do not judge - The way that you judge others is the same judgement will come upon you.
2. Do not give what's important [your spiritual life] to pigs. Would you give a pig your valuable pearl's or diamonds?
3. Ask, seek and knock for spiritual blessings; the earthly things are already given for those who put God first. By asking and seeking spiritual things, you're striving to enter the narrow gate that leads to life.
4. Watch out for false prophets. You will know if prophets [also leaders in church] by their actions. If someone is full of anger, they will bare fruits that exhibit that anger. For example, someone who is easily angered, take offense easily and have a lot of confrontation with people.
5. Do the will of God - Being obedient to God is what will get believers into heaven, not miracles.

Why did Jesus tell us to do these things in order to withstand opposition? He knew what human hearts desire, and how worldly desires could block mans spiritual development. 

Guess what Jesus does after teaching his disciples about spiritual development? He started delivering people from demons, and sickness.

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