30 Questions in 10 minutes

30 Questions in 10 minutes

1. How do I know if I will go to heaven after my physical body dies?
  • If you're born again [baptized with water & Holy Spirit]
  • If you love God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul
  • If love your neighbor as yourself
  • Because the word of God says that you will, since you are born again and are walking in love  
2. How do I know if I have been baptized with the Holy Spirit's [fire]?
  • You will speak in tongues when the Spirit give you the utterance. These tongues are not the same as the gift of tongues. These tongues require the Holy Spirit to give you the utterance.
  • Some people will feel it (e.g. being electrocuted, Holy fire, and the like)
  • You will be able to resist temptation. Without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit fire, you will not be able to overcome sin, it will rule over you because you wouldn't have a new heart needed to speak with God.
  • Please note: the baptism I am speaking about are both spiritual. Do not let anyone burn your physical body with fire to baptize you.

3. What sin sin? How do we repent?
What is sin?
  • Disobedience to the truth, which is the word of God and the Holy Spirit. We gradually grow into obedience to the truth. Thus, we are accountable for doing the better that we know how to do. As we continue to grow spiritually, and get familiar with the word and the Holy Spirit, he will reveal to us through the word, circumstances, sermons, and born-again believers what we need to change [Read James 4].
In order to be obedient to the truth we have to know what it is; this means we have to read the word of God, and get to know the Holy Spirit.

How do we repent from sin?
  • All repentance starts with a change of heart. What this means is that we have to decide in our heart that we never want to do that sin again. This doesn't mean that we have to know how to change from it. After we decide in our heart that we never want to do that sin again, we have to ask God for forgiveness. BTW, just because we decide in our heart that we never want to commit that sin again, doesn't mean that we will not commit the sin after our decision. However, what it does mean is that we following the lead of the Holy Spirit to eliminate the sin all together. Lastly, we have to ask the Holy Spirit for help to stay true to the repentance.
What happens after we repent from sin?
  • Jesus Christ will never remember the sin that we've repented from anymore according to Hebrews 8:12. God never discipline us due to repentant sin, we must believe that in our heart. We should not allow the devil to make us feel guilty or ashamed. Just because we have repentant to God for a sin, doesn't mean it eliminates us from repenting to anyone impacted by our sin. We are still accountable for asking others for forgiveness when we've done wrong.
4. What are the 9 promises of God (note there are thousands of promises in the word of God, I've place them into 9 categories)?
  • Righteousness, Eternal life, Rest, Peace, Joy, Provision, Protection, Perfect Health, and Greater works

5. Why do we read the word of God?
  • Faith
  • To speak with God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Maturity 

6. What are the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit? [see blog post for details, click here]
  • Healing, Miracles, Special kind of faith, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Prophecy, Knowledge, Wisdom and Discerning of spirits

7. How should I pray? [see Matthew 5:1-12]
  • See this blog post to understand how to pray for others, click here
  • See this blog post to understand how to pray for yourself, click here

8. What is faith? [see blog post for details, click here]
  • When we have faith in God, we are anticipating or desiring with confidence for what we don't see to been seen. In other words, it's an action and it's when you believe what the word of God says about you and your situation, over what your eyes, mind, and ears are perceiving.

9. Is there a difference between little faith and great faith?
  • Little faith is faith with doubt in your heart.
  • Great faith is faith without doubt in your heart.

    10. If Jesus loves us, how come there are born-again believers who are sick/poor?
    • They don't believe the word of God, the word says that they are healed, provided for already [see question 8].
    • They don't understand that Jesus gave us authority to do something about it
    • A season of testing
    • Lack of love (faith worketh by love)

    11. What are biblical reasons a born-again believer can get a natural divorce?
    • Sexual immorality
    • They are married to someone who is not a believer and that believer leaves the marriage
    • Note: Getting a natural divorce even if it's under biblical ground doesn't divorce you spiritually. It simply allows you to re-marry and not commit the sin of adultery. Watch the video below for details.
    12. Why do we attend church? [see blog post for details, click here]
    • Jesus is the only person on earth that had the Spirit without measure. When he went to heaven he left gifts among the church, so that in unity we can have the Spirit without measure and do what he did, and more.
    • Encourage one another
    • Spiritual Maturity

    13. Is Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) true? [see blog post for details, click here]
    • No! Once you are born again, the only thing that can forfeit you from not going to heaven is if you do not love God with your strength, soul, mind and your neighbor as yourself. Lack of love for God and your neighbor is the root of all sins. Our faith will not even work without love.
    • When you love God and your neighbor you will not want to sin. You'll hate sin.
    14. What is God's plan for my life?
    • You will know this after you are born again.
    • Jesus will tell you.

    15. What is doubt?
    • Uncertainty due to not knowing the will of God. 
    • The cure to doubt, is knowing if God is willing [read the bible to know if God's will]

    16. What is unbelief?
    • Not believing God, after you know what his will is. 
    • Unbelief is disobedience and that will lead you to having a hardened heart.
    • When your heart is hardened you will not hear God, rather you will hear yourself speaking.
    • The cure to unbelief, is obedience despite what you do or do not feel like doing.

    17. The Bible says that I am healed [past tense] but I don't feel or see a difference. Am I healed?
    • You are healed if you are born again. You don't see a difference because you are choosing to believe what you see or feel over what the word of God says [see question 8].

    18. How do I know that I have great faith to do something? [see blog post for details, click here]
    • You will not have doubt in your heart. If you have doubt in your heart you will be tossed around like the waves of the sea. Meaning your emotions will be up and down because you are focusing on the problem instead of Jesus [the living word]
    19. How do I know if I received the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit when I was born-again?
    • Because the word of God says if you asked, you will receive what you asked for [Luke 11:9-13].
    • When you speak in tongues you will not be able to say Jesus be cursed and that Jesus is Lord.
    20. What is love?
    • It's an action [active choice] to love everyone despite how they treat you.

    21. What is hope?
    • Hope is unseen and it's a desire according to Romans 8:24.
    • Hope is the spring of faith and love according to Colossians 1:4-6. This means that hope helps your faith and love project rapidly.
    22. I am never persecuted for Christ [John 15:20]. Why is that?
    • You've stopped maturing spiritually.
    • You are not living a Godly life according to 2 Timothy 3:12.
    • Born-again believers are persecuted for Jesus at various levels. You don't have to go out looking for it, if you are born-again, hold the word of God as truth, and walking in Godly love it'll come to you.

    24. When should I ask God for something vs Believe I have it already?
    • You ask God for something when it's not a specific promise in the bible [e.g. Should you take the new job? should you go to school to get your MBA? The gifts of the Holy Spirit...]
    • You should not ask God for something if the bible says that you have. Instead you should believe that you have it despite of what you see, feel, think or hear and continue to confess that you have it by thanking God for that promise. (e.g perfect health, protection)

    25. Can I be born again and sin?
    • You can. However, you should not because if you truly believed the word of God, you'll believe that you've been set free from sin and it's power. Additionally, you'll know the Holy Spirit is an anchor of your soul, meaning anytime you get close to committing a sin, you'll know it in your heart. There are some sins that born-again believers should not struggle with or commit after they have been born-again, they are: sexual immorality, greed, swindler, idolater, slanderer, and drunkard. Note: If you've committed any of these sins, ask Jesus for forgiveness and ask him to take more of you and for him to give you more of him. 

     26. What are demons and where do they come from? 
    • Demons are evil spirit and they are the were the unclean spirits in the children of the fallen angels. 

    27. What are angels and where do they come from? 
    • They too are children of God. 
    • However, they were created to glory God in heaven. As mankind are children of God and were created to glory God on earth. 

    28. Can a born-again believer be demonized? 
    • Yes; a born-again believer can be oppressed [the demon doesn't have their soul]. However, a born-again believer cannot be possessed [the demon has their their soul]. 

    29. How can a person get delivered from oppression? 
    • Jesus Christ, through his word or through a servant [born-again believer] in the body of Christ. 

     30. What is the Kingdom of God [see blog post for details, click here]?

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