My Testimony with Faith!

My Testimony with Faith!

If we are submitting to God in all our ways [James 4:7] and God has made us a promise either in the word of God or rhema word [he told us]; at the exact moment obstacles or opposition come against that promise we have to make up in our heart and mind that we will stand firm. We have to get the point in which we are tired of the emotional rollercoaster that doubt and unbelief brings [James 1:6]. We have to get to the breaking point that we will no longer accept being tossed to and fro by the waves of doubt. Personally, after my last trial and tribulation, that was my breaking point. I WILL NEVER allow doubt or unbelief to enter my heart by the grace of God. Doubt and unbelief prolong trials and tribulations and or will have a believer facing the same trial & tribulation over and over again. My last trial was to grow my faith, and that it did. Now, I am not moved by what I see, feel, hear or think. I am done being an emotional punching bag. I am done being a wimp. I am done with submitting to my emotions and feelings. I am done with being bound by my emotions and feelings. I AM FREE!!! Are you?

At the exact moment of opposition, choose: 
1. To keep your eyes on Jesus, do not allow yourself to become anxious or worried. Stop what you are doing at that moment and take 2 minutes to think about Jesus and or a scripture in the word of God. My go-to scripture is Peter walking on water or the Canaanite woman who had a great faith or Jesus feeding the multitudes. I literally replace myself with the Canaanite woman or Peter and invision that I am before Jesus.
2. Remind yourself about the promise that God made to you, and from your heart and out of your mouth say that the promise shall come to pass. If it's a scripture that you are standing on in the word of God, confess the scripture. Rise up and say God made me a promise, and it is mine. I refuse to doubt, I refuse to have unbelief, and I refuse to fear. I "aint" moved, byeeeeee Felicia to my feelings, my sight, and my thoughts that oppose the promise of God. 
3. Tell the Holy Spirit that you yield to his help, comfort, and leadership. That you allow him to anchor your soul [Hebrews 6:19
4. Praise God for the victory.

We cannot please God without faith [Hebrews 11:6]. Having faith would eliminate a lot of problems in our life, although it would not eliminate trials and tribulations. Great faith is faith that stand firms without a wave of doubt in our heart. Great faith responds to opposition quickly by speaking the promise of God instead of the problem, which is the promise of satan. Over this last year I faced many trials and tribulations. In some I had faith, others I had unbelief and doubt, and others I had great faith.

I am going to speak with you about the things I wish I understood in my heart and not only in my mind before going through these trials. Btw, I heard a variation of teachings from great leaders in the church but there is a difference between hearing something and understanding it, which is why we NEED the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had to teach me and give me understanding on the following:
  • Faith is not a one-time achievement. Meaning that just because we have great faith in one situation doesn't mean that it'll be automatic in the next. In each situation and non-situation we have to have faith. The longer we have faith, the easier it'll be to always have faith, if we continue to fill ourselves with the word of God.
  • Just because thoughts of doubt and unbelief come to our mind doesn't mean that they come from us, and it doesn't mean that we have to accept those thoughts and meditate on them. 
  • If we accept thoughts of doubt, and unbelief then they will become our thoughts. One indication that we have accepted the thoughts of the enemy is if we are meditating on them, and if you act upon them.
  • How to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in every situation, including trials and tribulations. When we find ourselves in a situation, there's a moment in the very beginning of that situation in which we can choose to react to fear or focus on Jesus instead of the obstacle/problem.
  • If our faith is not working, it's probably because one of the following: 1) outside of the will of God 2)lack of love 3)we don't have hope in God 4) we really don't have faith in our heart, although we may think we do!
  • As soon as we start to focus on what we see in the natural, we have opened our mind to doubt.
  • After going through trial, after trial, if you are not listening to the Holy Spirit you will lose hope in God. Hope and Love are springs to Faith according to Colossians 1. A scripture that the Holy Spirit led me to that helped me with this is 1 Timothy 1:19 and 1 Corinthians 4:3-4.
  • Go to the Holy Spirit first. Do not try to solve these issues yourself. Go to him not complaining about the problem but asking his for advice on what to do.  Asking him to teach you what he wants you to learn and for the grace to deal with the situation in love and faith. Note, if he told you what to do you have to accept it and act upon, don't keep asking after you know what you should do.
  • Jesus is real, God is real, and the Holy Spirit is real. If we trust them and let them route us through the battle we will always win. Think about it like this. Let's say we are in a maze, and we are given a phone to speak with someone who has an aerial view of the maze and that person is sent to help us navigate the maze so that we can come to the end. Just because we cannot see them doesn't mean they don't exist, doesn't mean they left us. Doesn't mean that as situations get worse in our trials, obstacles or in the maze that there is no way out.
  • In a trial and tribulation our mood should not change because if we actually believe that the promise God has given to us will come to pass, then our mood should be how it was before the obstacle arrived. If our mood is changing it's because we expected to get to the promises that God has given to us with no roadblocks. When we realized there is a roadblock blocking the straight and easy path that we have in our minds, to get to the promise of God; and these roadblocks are causing us to go to and pass through another unknown foreign route for the fifth time on the journey to the promise, we tend to get weary! What if that roadblock is from God so that we can go another route and save a soul? Meet our potential spouse? Grow spiritually? During each roadblock the enemy will try to get us to meditate on the past. He will bring to our mind the following thoughts:
  • •»"Every time you get excited about the promise(s) of God, you're let down"
    •»"How long is it going to take to actually see the manifestation?"
    •»"Other people in the Kingdom of God, do not experience these roadblocks"
    •»"Are you sure you are in the will of God?"
    •»"Girl, you got bills to pay, and you are in debt, why are you still tithing and trusting God?"
    These thoughts that come from satan [in which we have to choose not to accept], is to get you to forget how God has blessed you in the past when you've stood firm. Never focus on the past, and never take your eyes off of Jesus and the word of God. Paul tells us in Philippians 3:12-14 "Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

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