Unity Series I of III - Unity & Diversity in the Church

Unity Series I of III - Unity & Diversity in the Church

Unity is so important in the body of Christ. I believe thus far that this is one of the most important teachings that I've recorded. This is a 3 sermon series and: 
  • In Part 1 we are focused on unity and diversity in the church
  • In Part 2 we are focused on unity, love, and the Kingdom of God
  • In Part 3 we focused on how our unity, and love will draw the attention of darkness. Meaning we will not have to seek people to attend our church, they will come to us.
Do we all have the same calling, same anointing, and same gifts?

Why do we go to church? Is it solely the pastors/teachers job to teach me the word of God?

Why do we need all five-fold members in one congregation?

Is it biblical for laymen and laywomen to assemble together w/o a five-fold leader and call it a church service?

Please note: In the recorded video above, I am not saying that it's not biblical for church members to assemble. Rather, I am saying it is not biblical for church members to assemble without a five-fold leader present, for the purpose of assembling, and call it a church service.
After reviewing
  1. 1 Corinthians 12, then Ephesians 4:9-16 ,
  2. The teaching "Gifts"
  3. Understanding Why We Attend Church
  4. Why we need the five-fold 
  5. Why we need laymen and laywomen 
We know that there is diversity in the body of Christ and that even within the five-fold leadership there are:
  • Different callings
  • Different gifts 
  • Different anointing
If a five-folder leader steps outside of their calling and anointing it can cause confusion because they can unintentionally misinterpret scripture and preach and teach the misinterpretation.

Example #1: I was watching a sermon online and a pastor was repemending other pastors because he disagreed with their stance on the rapture. He used scriptures out of context to support his view. We should all understand that not all pastors are anointed to teach and that is okay. Unless a pastor has an anointing by God to teach, there is some information that will not make sense to a pastor. God has given the church the gift of the teacher to be able to explain scripture more indepthly. Jesus wants the five-fold leadership team to work together, so that we can have the fullness of Christ in ministry. From watching the video titled "Gifts," we know that Jesus was all five and when he ascended he split his leadership gifts in five and gave it to the church. This same pastor that made those comments is the same pastor I watched when I was newly born again; he told the congregation that they should pray that God take our free will away from us [or for the Holy Spirit to take our free will].  When I was newly born-again I prayed that prayer and I was oppressed severely by demonic spirits. Come to find out what he instructed us to do was not biblical. God gave mankind free will and he is not going to take away our free will, faith wouldn't be needed if he did. I laugh now about the oppression, but back then it was no laughing matter. I actually stopped watching that pastor after that incident and I recently started to watch him again after maturing spiritually. Not once did I ever think this pastor is preaching doctrine of demons, nor did I ever think that he was a false pastor, I just thought he was misinterpreting scriptures 1 Timothy 6:3-7. He actually calls other pastor out on his pulpit saying that they are preaching demonic doctrine when it could be that they are not called, not anointed, spiritually immature and or made a mistake.
2 Timothy 2:14 Keep reminding God’s people of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.
Example #2: I was speaking to someone at the new church I attend. I am currently attending new members training and I am loving it. Although, I know the basics already I am always open to biblical training and hearing another teacher teach the word of God. Afterwards a lady with a bit of an awkward personality approached me and the pastor of this church. She said something to the pastor and her statement was a bit jaw-dropping, but I could tell that she did not say it to be disrespectful. I could tell that she said what she said due to her personality. After I answered her question, I thought that we had all concluded the conversation, so we all left. I was walking to my car and then I turned around to get closer to the church building to get better wifi and the lady was there. I spent almost two hours outside of the church, answering questions that she had about the bible, her marriage, love, and her identity in Jesus Christ. She told me, she has been to all types of churches Buddha, Catholic, Christian churches and that I was the first that could answer all of her questions. My response to that was the only reason I am able to answer your questions is because of the Holy Spirit and God's plan for my life. She did not know that God called me to Shepherd and I have the anointing to also teach, and to stand in the office of a prophet. Not all pastors have the same anointing, although they have the same calling/plan from God.
P.S. Please check out our Spiritual Communication Quiz.
Example #3: I will give you another example, Jesus told me to Shepherd his people and then he told me to teach them how to live for him. I started ANJWC Youtube off by preaching because I thought that is what all pastors did. I did not understand the five-fold back then, nor did I understand "Gifts". Let me tell you, I sucked at preaching (just watch some of those videos). I spent hours editing the first couple of videos on my youtube channel. The very last video titled "My Testimony" I said umm or uhh probably 100 times. Back then my anointing was not to preach, it was and is to teach indepthly, and now it is to preach, as well as to stand in the office of a prophet. I recently started to watch Kytia Lamour's channel and she is such a wonderful preacher. I binged watch like 10 episodes in one night and shared her channel with two friends. The point of this is that we need each other.

Note: Every born-again believer is called to preach the good news about the Kingdom of God. Preaching is not a office in the five-fold ministry. However, the father does anoint some believers to preach whether they are in the five-fold or not. While others are not anointed but are called to preach at work, at their local grocery store, etc.

Jesus wants us to be one with one another and he made us diverse so that we would need one another to do his plan for our lives. This diversity is to promote unity not division. We will speak about a divided Kingdom in the next teaching to this series!