Unity Series III of III - Darkness Is Attracted to Light

Unity Series III of III - Darkness Is Attracted to Light

When the church is unified as one, the gifts of the Holy Spirit will manifest, as well as the anointings that come by grace and faith. The outsiders will see our unity and love for one another and come to us, as opposed to us chasing them. I've spoken about a concept in the How to deal with sin in the church? video of being what the bible tells us to be as a church which would eliminate our need for a marketing team to falsely advertise our church to be what it is not. If the church was exactly like the church in Acts 1-4, then it would yield the same result. This starts with church leaders, and the foundation each church is built upon. If a church is not built upon word, love, and truth, then as it grows we will see splinters that grow as well.

The things that attract sinners to saints are:
  • The love of the saints for one another
  • The peace of saints individually, and collectively
  • The joy of saints individually, and collectively
  • The rest individually, and collectively
  • The miracles/healings working in the saints individually, and collectively
Notice that what attracts sinners to saints are the gifts and promises of the Spirit.

The things that attract spiritually immature saints to other spiritually immature saints or saints to the world are:
  • It's all about me
  • What is going well in my life
  • What I have and don't have
  • Me, me, me, me
Then bam, you have a church full of it's all about "me, me, me, me, me."

Darkness is attracted to light. Once it sees the light it will either be illuminated by the light or choose to remain in darkness. Notice I did not say that light is attracted to darkness. I almost always have people come to me whether in church [unfortunately, sometimes when they find out that I have a Youtube channel and I am teaching the bible, they get weird lol] and outside of church who come to me. At first I wondered why and I am talking about people over every race, gender, age group, spiritually maturity and even sinners. Someone told me it's because I have a presence that attracts them to me. That presence is Jesus inside of me. I then use these opportunities to minister to people. I don't have to go out to them, they come to me.

If our church [people] is full with wealthy people with the nicest church building, who have the most beautiful and well dressed people but we don't love EVERYONE, the church doesn't profit us in ANYWAY. It actually defeats the purpose of church. I recommend that each church have a mandatory training class about the point of church, and in this class the lead pastors should speak about love for God and love for our neighbor.
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