How do we listen to (watch) sermons?

How do we listen to (watch) sermons?

I know that this is a teaching that we probably don't hear often or have never heard before. However, I believe that it's important, and is the reason why the Holy Spirit led me to write about it! When I was newly born-again, I thought harvest would arrive after a month or two of sowing. While it's possible, it's improbable, especially if it's our very first season of sowing as a born-again believer.

I'd watch great men and women of God say "this is the year of increase," and I'd get so excited, and despite reading the bible daily, being in a relationship with Christ, praying, gradually maturing, tithing, and giving to the homeless, in other words despite sowing, I didn't see any natural harvest and I didn't know why. As believers our default answer to not seeing a manifestation of the promises of God is sin, lack of faith, lack of authority & identity. Which could very well be the reason. However, we forget one reason, and it's being in the season of sowing. Paul had faith, knew his authority and identity and that did not get him out of the trial that he spoke about in 2 Corinthians 12. I didn't know this, until after my season of sowing. So the question remains...

How do we listen to (watch) sermons?

#1. Know what God is will & obey
I used to hear preachers and teachers speak about faith, and they'd share their testimony of how their live changed when they took God at his word (the word of God). While these preachers and teachers would mention that we have to be in the will of God (obedience to God's word and his plan for our life), in order for what we are believing for to manifest, they'd never go into detail about God's will and what it means to be in obedience. So when we watch sermons we should know his specific plan and purpose for our life. Knowing his specific plan and purpose for our life, will help us understand how the sermon (preaching and or teaching) is applicable to us at the point of our life we are hearing it.

For example: If God has called you to be a layman/laywoman (someone who attends church, serve at church but not as a leader) and if a pastor is preaching about the five-fold leadership (apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist) then we should know that this specific message is not specific for God's plan for your life. However, it doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit cannot give you revelation in the sermon about how to operate at work.

#2. Know what season you are in.
When we listen to teachings, preaching, and are around our brothers and sisters in Christ understand that the reason why they may see manifestations when they believe, confess, and act on the word is because they could be in the season of soil, rain or harvest. In the season of sowing, we don't soil nor do we reap...we sow and it's when God will allow trials and tribulations that are different then trials that happen in other seasons. So the next time you listen to a sermon, teaching, preaching, a prophecy and the leader or laywoman/laymen is speaking about how they confess, believe and every promise that they believed God for manifested in their life within three months, know that they can be in the season of harvest. Everyone one in the body of Christ is not in the same seasons, at the same time. Furthermore, this should help us prevent confusion about the reasons why we are not seeing a natural manifestation of the promises of God due to Jesus's seeds. When watching a sermon it's important to know which season of life we are in, what seeds we've sown, and whether or not we've sown into the territory God wants us to sow in. If as born-again believers we desire to be a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ, then there are seasons that we will have to go through before we reap a harvest. It is important to mention that harvest will come, whether we sow good seeds or bad seeds, seeds of obedience or seeds of disobedience.

Once again, when we watch sermons we should know what season we are in. The five-fold leader can be speaking about blessings and how all we have to do is believe, and use our authority and identity in Christ to see the manifestations, while that is true when in the seasons of harvest and maybe even during soil, and rain, during the seasons of sowing, when God test us and allow affliction, our faith, authority and identity will not get us out of trials that God allowed us to be in. Rather, it'll help us stand firm in the trial until we understand what God is revealing. Proof text: Job 1,2 and 2 Corinthians 12:5-10

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