Reroutes Back To God's Plan

Reroutes Back To God's Plan

Everything kept leading back to this!
I grew up in the church, and grew up with Christian parents who were born-again but not Spirit filled, which mean they were not being led by the Spirit. I had a bad perception about the church, because I saw people attend church faithfully for years without gradually changing on the inside. Which btw, is no excuse for anyone, me included to judge someone else's journey or to continue living in sin. Additionally, my parents were Christians and as much I love them, I have to be honest, when I was younger they walked the walk but didn't talk the talk. I never really discussed the hypocrisy I perceived in church with myself, or perhaps it's better to say that I was not consciously aware of the perception that I had. However, I knew that I'd never want to be in ministry. So in July 2018, only 5 months after I was a born-again when I heard Jesus say "shepherd my people, and teach them how to live for me." I was a bit taken back by what Jesus said. I didn't understand what he meant, didn't know what a shepherd was, I didn't realize that if I wanted to be obedient to God that this wasn't a choice.

I often hear my brothers and sisters in Christ speak about the spotlight, and I'm sure you too heard "everyone wants the spotlight, without undergoing God's divine process." Well, what if there's a percentage of us who really don't want the spotlight, but God has chosen and called us to be gold (shine more, for his Kingdom purposes)? When I was in my most recent trial, I was so physically uncomfortable. Sleeping in a car without showering for months and without having a nutritious meal is very uncomfortable. The devil put a thought in my mind. "You don't even want this. Why are you doing this?" For a second, I started to think more and more. Then the Holy Spirit asked me, whether or not I was more interested in doing God's will or my own will? Then I had to realized once again that my feelings and thoughts, have nothing to do with what God wants me to do, has called me to do. To be transparent, I've never worried about walking in God's plan for my life because I've been doing what he's called me to do since last year. However, I used to be concerned about being comfortable. I'd think, can I go through trials and tribulations with my bills paid? with food on the table? with ac? Since then I realized that it doesn't matter what circumstances God allows us to experience trials and tribulations, we would still be uncomfortable, that's the whole point of trials.

If we want to know God's plan and purpose for our life, he will let us know his specific plan for our life when we seek him with all of our heart (Jeremiah 29:13). Also, I believe if we look back at our life, we may also be able to find out!

What is the point that I am making? 
When I was in middle school and high school I taught myself html, css, photoshop, and I was attempting to learn Java but it was too complicated for me to learn.  I had a gift of learning computer language, graphics, software, etc. YouTube came out in 2005, and I created an account in 2006. In addition to creating a YouTube account, I created a blogger account. Years later, I signed up to serve at the teen ministry at the church I attended during my collegiate years. For some reason throughout my many years of backsliding to and from Christ, when I would slide back to Christ there was this desire to blog and teach about Christ. Back then, I didn't know about ministry, teaching, preaching, the gifts of the Spirit because I was not born again and the church that I attended didn't speak much about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. I'd start the blog and after two months I'd get distracted and forget about it, despite the thousands of hits I'd get. This happened about 4 times from 2006 to 2013 before I finally created a new blog in 2018 after being born-again, Spirit filled, and Jesus telling me his plan for my life.

God kept rerouting me back to his plan for my life although I did not know it back then. He prepped me from since elementary. For example, in middle school he had been preparing me by giving me an interest in software engineering, which later helped with creating this website. God also protected me from going routes that would permanently lead me astray. When I was in college, I had a successful online boutique, this was before all the gyals had online boutiques. Despite the hundreds of orders I had from around the WORLD, I closed that boutique down because of a void that I had. I had no idea that that void was Jesus Christ and his plan for my life. After graduating college, I chose a profession in Human Resources in which I worked for fortune 50,100,500 companies around the United States. Working in Human Resources prepared me in so many ways to be a Shepherd.

Below is a video that I recorded almost 8 years ago. I didn't know what God's plan for my life was back then. Additionally, I didn't know 98% of what I know now, in regards to the word of God. However, I kept going back to blogging/YouTube. I know that if I would stayed the course in my 20's that I would have already reached the promise land. However, I am in my 30's and God still is able to teach me, prune me, and use me. Guess who else God was able to use later in life, even in their 80's -120's?
  • Exodus 7:7 And Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three years old when they spoke to Pharaoh.
  • Genesis 21:5 Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him.

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