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The Spiritual Warfare Series 7 of 7: 
On March 26, 2020 God the Father told me to make up in my mind that I will do whatever he tells me. He said to change THE WAY that I teach. He told me to teach with authority. I did not understand what he meant by that. It is now April 29, 2020 and it is clear to me now. On April 27, 2020 I was told to record the teaching  Ministering To The Lord Series 1 of 12 and I did that. The night of April 28, 2020 I had a dream, to cut down on sometime I will share the interpretation with you. I was with destruction (destroy) and she looked way worst then I had seen her in other dreams that I had with her and she was serving someone who is boastful. Boastful is defined as showing excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one's achievements, possessions, or abilities. After waking up from the dream, I didn't quit understand everything but at the end of the dream I know that I escorted destruction (destroy) out of my life and I walked across the street from where she was.

Around 4:00 am on April, 29, 2020 after I was done editing a teaching video, The Holy Spirit corrected me on two things that I did when recording teaching 1 of 12 of the Ministering to the Lord Series, and I had to repent. Firstly, I did a lot of justifying in that teaching, which caused my motives to be wrong. Secondly, He told me that I was boastful (excessive pride). I apologized to God, and I also apologize to you. Justification is defined as the action of showing something to be right or reasonable. At around 1:00 pm om April 29, 2020, I went in the kitchen after attempting to walk my dogs  (the rain stopped us). Then I went to make something  to eat, and my plan was to read my bible while eating. However, I was escorted by an angel of God (walking backwards) from the kitchen to the steps, and then I was told to walk up. I went to my room and then touched my bible and heard Mark 12 in my spirit. I read Mark 12 and when I got to verse 14 and I knew that was what the Holy Spirit wanted me to focus on. BTW, when the Holy Spirit tells me to read something (a specific chapter/verse) I write the date next to the chapter or verse. Next to Mark 12:14, I had a date written down of 3/13/2019, which let's me know that the Holy Spirit was trying to make me aware of this from since then.

"They came to him and said, “Teacher, we know that you are a man of integrity. You aren’t swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are; but you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?"-Mark 12:14

I realized I had a stronghold and it was justifying and that I did not only justify myself to those who I never have to justify myself to, which is anyone but God at this point in my life, while in ministry but also within personal relationships. I lived my life showing or proving to be right or reasonable. From growing up as an appeasement pleaser, to working in America, Corporate America as an African American woman. It had almost always been required that I prove that I have a right to work where I worked, especially being 1-5 of 200+ African Americans in a company and 2 of 5 in a mid-level and management role. I have been told by a  white-peer that my skin complexion made the cut because if I were any darker, I  I wouldn't be acceptable or beautiful? I've been verbally abused while working in Silicon Valley, and instead of standing up to this bully, I appeased by being the first one in the office, and the last one to leave, working weekends, which btw, those working hours are normal in tech. When I would have non-African American managers, there was always an extra mile that my African American peers and I had to take to prove our-self worthy of being competent to do the job, despite having the degrees and the experience. I must admit at my last job, I told my peers and my manager that I was not hired to do this job as a diversity statics but because of my experience and knowledge. Within the first two months, the saw that my words of correction matched what I said, and that I overly qualified for the job, and thus agreed with my statement. I had a good manager, despite this hiccup. By then I had gotten tired of being dominated by others because of my race, and my gender.

Then when God I started to walk in God's plan and purpose for my life, my family and friends required an explanation (justification), although it was never spoken directly. Why are you doing? Why this? Why that?

"But Jesus knew their hypocrisy. “Why are you trying to trap me?” he asked. “Bring me a denarius and let me look at it.” They brought the coin, and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?”“Caesar’s,” they replied.
Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him." -Mark 12:15-17 

If we want to minister to the Lord well, we have to understand that we are in a spiritual warfare. If we do not believe that satan, demons, witches, and the like, exist then we must likely are influenced by it more than what we realize. If satan can get us to believe that he doesn't exist, then we will find ourselves fighting the wrong battle (people, instead of him).

A minister is simply a born-again believer who serves and attends to the needs of God in the Kingdom of God, this includes laymen, laywomen, as well as five-fold leaders. Ministry is what God uses to get his needs attended to (e.g. our life...) Some of us minister to the Lord as kings and others as priest. In Revelation 1:6, John the Apostle tells us that Jesus has made us kings and priests unto God the Father for His glory and for his dominion. Those who minister to the Lord as kings minister to the Lord outside of the church building [1 Corinthians 4:8], and those who minister to the Lord inside of the church building are priest. For the sake of clarity I want to reiterate that kings and priest have a different level of spiritual authority. We are loved equally by God but since we have a different purpose, and plan for our life, we have different authority. For greater detail, check out the first teaching to this series teaching 1 of 12 of the Ministering to the Lord Series. Priest have more spiritually authority because kings are congregation of priest and according to Ephesians 4:1-16, Paul tells us the reason why, and the purpose for church. King's also have spiritually authority because their congregation are the world. Again, for greater detail check out the first teaching to this series.

God really wants to promote us spiritually but in order to do that we have to:
  • Accept Godly discipline: If you believe God's love is without discipline then you are calling Jesus a lie because in Revelation 3:19 Jesus says that he disciplines those he loves, so be earnest and repent. In Hebrews 12:4-11, Paul also says the same thing. Discipline is defined as the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. God disciplines us in various ways either through our circumstances via hardship/suffering, through a church leader. For example, if you are deceived by greed and are unaware of it and God is trying to deal with that sin in your life but you refuse to repent, all Satan has to do is keep offering you opportunities in which you'll be given more money to deceive you from what God is showing you in your heart. God will send whom he may to tell you about it but Satan will get you to be offended by the truth God is telling you through that person, so that you can stay deceived by your love for greed.
  • Grow in Godly character: Godly character is a gradual growth in faith, love and obedience, without Godly character we will not successfully be victorious in spiritual warfare if we do not grow in these areas, as we are being promoted by God.
When we grow in faith, love and obedience, if we have the desire to grow in the Kingdom of God, God will began to teach us how to battle in spiritual warfare. Each level of authority has a different level of spiritual warfare. The reason for that is explained in the The Spiritual Warfare Series 2 of 7:  Gaining Territory: Reaping What We Sow [Authorities of heaven, earth and hell] teaching and it is because satan has an army, as God has an army. Each time we grow in authority, satan will send more powerful evil forces to attack us. In order to battle in spiritual warfare and overcome, we have to understand four things:
  1. Satan's goal: Satan's goal is to steal, kill, and destroy us from walking in God's plan for our life in righteousness, and to get us to forfeit our soul for the world [John 10:10]. If Satan was not able to get you out of God's plan for your life, his next tactic is to get you to forfeit your soul. Remember the unpardonable sin is unpardonable sin im
  2. What satan uses to accomplish his goal: In order for Satan to accomplish his goals, he will use a person, place or thing to dominate us [Matthew 16:22-23]. In the beginning God made mankind in his image, and he told us to dominate over everything but one another. However, through deception satan was able to gain dominion and establish his kingdom on earth and hell called the kingdom of darkness. Adam and Eve gave satan their authority when they did not do what I am teaching you to do.
  3. Love the people but don't obey to Satan: We have to understand that the people that satan uses are being used, and more times than not, they do not realize it [Ephesians 6:12]. Like the Holy Spirit, Satan needs a human body to influence the world that we live in since it is physical. These people who are being used by satan are going to be used to dominate you through deceptionmanipulationintimidation. Thus, we should love the person but we should never submit (obey) to their domination (authority) which will come through deception, manipulation, and intimidation. Jesus never submitted to the domination of people whom satan used, in the gospels, as he had did deal with the religious spirit, witchcraft, and more coming from the religious leaders and carnal people during those days.
In today's teaching we will go over the following:
  1. How to be victorious at spiritual warfare: The quick answer is that we have to guard ourselves from being distracted. Satan always steals, kills, and destroys through distraction from God's written and spoken word. After we are distracted from God's written and spoken word, satan will get us to doubt what he is distracted us from which is God's written and spoken word, and once we are doubtful, then we will become discouraged from what he is distracted us from and then give him dominion in our life through sin. Our proof text comes from:
  2. How to love, someone who is dominating: 
Our text is as follows:
    • Job 23; Genesis 2 &3 - There are 5 things that Job said that he never did, that Adam and Eve did. Let's explore this!
    • Revelation 2 &3 - If we want to minister to the Lord well, we have to understand that we are in a spiritual warfare. There are demons and witches sent to churches to seduce the five-fold leadership to greed, sexual immorality, idolatry.
    • 1 Kings 18, 19 & 21 - Let's chat about witches and demons use domination to attack.

    Revelation 2:12-
    To the Church in Pergamum
    “To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword. I know where you live—where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, not even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city—where Satan lives. Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin so that they ate food sacrificed to idols and committed sexual immorality. 15 Likewise, you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16 Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.
    To the Church in Thyatira18-29 “To the angel of the church in Thyatira write:These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. 19 I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, ‘I will not impose any other burden on you, except to hold on to what you have until I come.’

    To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’—just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give that one the morning star. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

    1 Kings 19:1-21 
    Elijah Escapes from Jezebel
    And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, also how he had executed all the prophets with the sword. 2 Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, “So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time.” 3 And when he saw that, he arose and ran for his life, and went to Beersheba, which belongs to Judah, and left his servant there. 4 But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a [a]broom tree. And he prayed that he might die, and said, “It is enough! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!” 5 Then as he lay and slept under a broom tree, suddenly an [b]angel touched him, and said to him, “Arise and eat.” 6 Then he looked, and there by his head was a cake baked on [c]coals, and a jar of water. So he ate and drank, and lay down again. 7 And the [d]angel of the Lord came back the second time, and touched him, and said, “Arise and eat, because the journey is too great for you.” 8 So he arose, and ate and drank; and he went in the strength of that food forty days and forty nights as far as Horeb, the mountain of God. 9 And there he went into a cave, and spent the night in that place; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” 10 So he said, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts; for the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left; and they seek to take my life.”

    God’s Revelation to Elijah11 Then He said, “Go out, and stand on the mountain before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; 12 and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire [e]a still small voice. 13 So it was, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. Suddenly a voice came to him, and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”14 And he said, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts; because the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left; and they seek to take my life.”15 Then the Lord said to him: “Go, return on your way to the Wilderness of Damascus; and when you arrive, anoint Hazael as king over Syria. 16 Also you shall anoint Jehu the son of Nimshi as king over Israel. And Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel Meholah you shall anoint as prophet in your place. 17 It shall be that whoever escapes the sword of Hazael, Jehu will kill; and whoever escapes the sword of Jehu, Elisha will kill. 18 Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”
    Elisha Follows Elijah19 So he departed from there, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him, and he was with the twelfth. Then Elijah passed by him and threw his mantle on him. 20 And he left the oxen and ran after Elijah, and said, “Please let me kiss my father and my mother, and then I will follow you.”And he said to him, “Go back again, for what have I done to you?” 21 So Elisha turned back from him, and took a yoke of oxen and slaughtered them and boiled their flesh, using the oxen’s equipment, and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he arose and followed Elijah, and became his servant.

    1 Kings 21:1-29 
    Naboth’s Vineyard Some time later there was an incident involving a vineyard belonging to Naboth the Jezreelite. The vineyard was in Jezreel, close to the palace of Ahab king of Samaria. Ahab said to Naboth, “Let me have your vineyard to use for a vegetable garden, since it is close to my palace. In exchange I will give you a better vineyard or, if you prefer, I will pay you whatever it is worth.” But Naboth replied, “The Lord forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my ancestors.” So Ahab went home, sullen and angry because Naboth the Jezreelite had said, “I will not give you the inheritance of my ancestors.” He lay on his bed sulking and refused to eat. His wife Jezebel came in and asked him, “Why are you so sullen? Why won’t you eat?” He answered her, “Because I said to Naboth the Jezreelite, ‘Sell me your vineyard; or if you prefer, I will give you another vineyard in its place.’ But he said, ‘I will not give you my vineyard.’”Jezebel his wife said, “Is this how you act as king over Israel? Get up and eat! Cheer up. I’ll get you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.”So she wrote letters in Ahab’s name, placed his seal on them, and sent them to the elders and nobles who lived in Naboth’s city with him. 9 In those letters she wrote:

    “Proclaim a day of fasting and seat Naboth in a prominent place among the people. But seat two scoundrels opposite him and have them bring charges that he has cursed both God and the king. Then take him out and stone him to death.” So the elders and nobles who lived in Naboth’s city did as Jezebel directed in the letters she had written to them. They proclaimed a fast and seated Naboth in a prominent place among the people. Then two scoundrels came and sat opposite him and brought charges against Naboth before the people, saying, “Naboth has cursed both God and the king.” So they took him outside the city and stoned him to death. Then they sent word to Jezebel: “Naboth has been stoned to death.” As soon as Jezebel heard that Naboth had been stoned to death, she said to Ahab, “Get up and take possession of the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite that he refused to sell you. He is no longer alive, but dead.” 16 When Ahab heard that Naboth was dead, he got up and went down to take possession of Naboth’s vineyard.

    Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite: “Go down to meet Ahab king of Israel, who rules in Samaria. He is now in Naboth’s vineyard, where he has gone to take possession of it. Say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Have you not murdered a man and seized his property?’ Then say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood—yes, yours!’”

    Ahab said to Elijah, “So you have found me, my enemy!”
    “I have found you,” he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. He says, ‘I am going to bring disaster on you. I will wipe out your descendants and cut off from Ahab every last male in Israel—slave or free.I will make your house like that of Jeroboam son of Nebat and that of Baasha son of Ahijah, because you have aroused my anger and have caused Israel to sin.’

    “And also concerning Jezebel the Lord says: ‘Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.’ “Dogs will eat those belonging to Ahab who die in the city, and the birds will feed on those who die in the country.” (There was never anyone like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord, urged on by Jezebel his wife. He behaved in the vilest manner by going after idols, like the Amorites the Lord drove out before Israel.) When Ahab heard these words, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and fasted. He lay in sackcloth and went around meekly. Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite: “Have you noticed how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son.”

    What does the bible say about witchcraft, witches, sorcery, divination, human sacrifice etc?

    • Exodus 22:18 “You shall not permit a sorceress to live.
    • 1 Chronicles 10:13 "So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance."
    • Deuteronomy 18:10-12 "There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you."
    • Leviticus 20:6 “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people."
    • Leviticus 19:31 “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.
    • Galatians 5:19-21 "Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God."
    • Revelation 21:8 "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
    • Micah 5:12 "And I will cut off sorceries from your hand, and you shall have no more tellers of fortunes;"
    • Daniel 2:27 "Daniel answered the king and said, “No wise men, enchanters, magicians, or astrologers can show to the king the mystery that the king has asked,"
    • Acts 16:16 "As we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling."